Soleris System

Soleris System

Manufacturer: Neogen
Product Code: VR100, VR200


The Soleris system is a rapid optical system for the detection of microbial contamination based on an innovative application of classic microbiology. The optical assay measures microbial growth by monitoring pH and other biochemical reactions that generate a color change, as microorganisms in the broth grow and metabolize nutrients. The results are monitored by the system providing an alert for samples that are out of specification.

The Soleris® system consists of :

  • incubator,
  • eady-to-use vials,
  • system software.

It has reproducible, rapid, and accurate detection of a variety of microorganisms across a spectrum of sample types including food, dairy, beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products

How it works:
From samples to results. From results to knowledge.Optical technology—and Soleris vials—help get you there faster, with less sample handling, less labor, and less chance for error.
The heart of the Soleris system is its ready-to-use vial.The unique vial technology measures microbial growth by monitoring pH changes and other biochemical reactions.
Here’s how:
• Samples of up to 5 mL are added to the vials prefilledwith microbial growth medium.
• Soleris monitors changes in the chemical characteristics of the medium, and reagents change color as metabolic processes occur.
• Optical changes are monitored every six minutes in the vial’s agar plug, which is separated from the sample to eliminate interference.
• Changes in color, expressed as optical units, are sensed by the photo detector and recorded in the computer.
• The higher the number of organisms, the faster the detection time.


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Order Details

Product # Product Description
BSX32  - Soleris 32 Without Computer
BSX128  - Soleris 128 Without Computer
BSC01  - Soleris Computer System (includes vial rack - VR100)
SCT-01  - Soleris Computer Tower Only
OM-710 -  Soleris Operator’s Manual Version 7
VR-100  - Soleris Vial Rack (holds 32 vials)
VR-200  - Soleris Vial Rack, High Throughput (holds 32 vials)
VRTM-200  - Soleris Vial Rack, Transfer Mechanism (holds 32 vials)




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