T-2/HT-2 toxins are trichothecene mycotoxins produced by several species of Fusarium molds. As T-2 toxin is readily metabolized to HT-2 toxin, and the toxins have been shown to produce numerous adverse effects on many animals, these two mycotoxins are frequently evaluated together. Animals affected by the toxins include swine, dairy cattle, poultry, dogs, cats and horses. Effects of the toxins include digestive disorders, hemorrhage, edema, oral lesions, dermatitis, and blood disorders. T-2 toxin is the principal causal toxin in the human disease alimentary toxic aleukia. Poultry studies have shown T-2 intoxication has led to a reduction in weight gain and other problems such as beak lesions, poor feathering, motor function impairment and increased susceptibility to Salmonella spp.

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NeoColumn for T-2/HT-2, Wide Bore
Intended Use NeoColumn for T-2/HT-2 is a high performance immunoaffinity column designed for clean-up and concentration of s..
Reveal Q+ for T-2/HT-2
Intended Use Reveal Q+ for T-2/HT-2 is a single-step lateral flow immunochromatographic assay based on a competitive immunoa..
Veratox for T-2/HT-2
Intended Use Veratox for T-2/HT-2 is a competitive direct ELISA that provides a quantitative analysis of T-2 toxin and HT-2 ..