Reveal 2.0 for DSP is a single step immunochromatographic lateral flow assay used for the rapid and practical qualitative analysis of shellfish possibly contaminated by OA group toxins (OA, DTX1, DTX2 and DTX3). These marine biotoxins can be accumulated in shellfish during toxic algal blooms. Once the toxin is present in the shellfish tissue it cannot be destroyed by heat during cooking. The US and EU have established maximum threshold levels of 160 ppb. The test can detect as little as 160 ppb of OA toxins in shellfish samples.

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Marine Biotoxins Starter Kit
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Reveal 2.0 for DSP
Reveal 2.0 for DSP (diarrhetic shellfish poisoning) is a single step lateral flow assay that detects okadaic acid (OA) and di..